Photography 3 "Anthropomorphic dreams" - Patricia Leeds Art

Sometimes life can be challenging. Humor is one way to keep the demons at bay.

When I began my project "Anthropomorphic life",  something resonated with me and I laughed every time I began the editing process.

There is a melancholy that I see in dogs. Their need to please and the pride they have when they are content shows in their eyes and body language.

This project began innocently enough, as I wondered what it would look like if I merged my photographs of dogs and other animals with tintypes I had collected or masterpiece paintings from the early 20th century with dog faces in place of the human faces.

I took these images into painting applications to match the tone of the dog faces. From there I changed the backgrounds and then brought them into a number of different painting applications to blend and create the mood I was looking for.

The  fun I was having with these images was contagious. Many people really responded positively, while others thought it was just weird. This conceptual validation keeps me continuing with this project. Of course this is not a new concept in photo illustration.  My influences are Maggie Taylor and Fran Forman, who are the masters of this art form. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

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